The Gym Chronicles I

I keep forgetting that this is the country of miles and feet, not of kilometers and meters; of kilograms and fahrenheit, not of pounds and celsius.

I stepped into the treadmill, pressed quick start, and after a few seconds accelerated the machine until it read 15.  Whoa, was it fast!  Out of breath and almost falling down, I realized that 15mph translates to about 24kph.  Hey, if there's any consolation, I can still compute even in the midst of impending embarrassment.

After a solid 20 minutes of running stationary, I went down and started acquainting myself with the place.  It was very similar to the gym I used to go to in the Philippines, although it's about twice the size of the gym in Eastwood and there was still the whole expanse of the 2nd floor.  There were four rooms for racquetball, one basketball court, one swimming pool, two rooms for group exercises, and a cycling studio.  There were a lot more machines though and the increments were not by 5lbs but by 20lbs.  There were mini-weights to add to the machines, but the smallest is 10lbs.  I went around, trying the machines I've never seen in the gyms in the Philippines and the hour I've spent was still not enough to try them all. 

The crowd was mix--blacks, latinos, and whites and their bodies were like the ones you see in porn, sinfully crafted and sculpted, and they were not ashamed to show them off. 

I didn't get to workout that well.  I was still getting initiated to the machines and the program I used to have in the Philippines will not work here.  It's hard to follow when there's a lot to follow.  So I may have to devise a new program.  Only, I don't know what.


  1. Hay nako binibigyan kita ng program NA MATINO at effective, ang tigas ng ulo mo, ayaw sumunod. Tsk tsk tsk! Pano kasi... ano... hahaha!

  2. Hmmm. I don't know anything about workout programs anymore. Haha. Haven't touched any fitness equipment in years.

  3. Carabrant: matino naman ang program ko ah.

    Anonymous: Me, too. I haven't touched any fitness equipment for years until this week. I usually touch the one touching the fitness equipment. lol.

  4. Ahaha! Sige na nga matino na! :P

  5. Ugh... Your horniness knows no bounds. But I feel for you, Dan. To be more cloistered than a nun... You'll really end up in that kind of rut. So in dire need to be kicked in the nuts.

  6. Anonymous: don't take my horniness too seriously, because I don't and I'm not usually or unusually horny. I like making fun of my situation. :)

  7. Maybe in time, you'll get when I'm jesting or not. Like goodboi sort of does. XD


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