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In The Right Direction

When I read about a TV actor who came out recently, I was gladdened--especially when I learned that he has a long-term partner and adopted children. I thought, that's promising.

I've read of others, stories of another era, of guys being in long-term relationships, but eventually, in the later years of their lives, opting to open the relationship to others. I've always felt discouraged and disheartened by that. The way people seem to take so lightly their commitments and relationships. I know that some subscribe to that. As an acquaintance had told me not long ago, cheating and third or even fourth parties are the most common causes of breakups in gay relationships--so why not just have an open relationship?

And I thought: what if you have an open relationship and you fell hard on your side dish and he wants to be exclusive?

Well, that has never happened, he said.

In the long run, you'll get bored with each other.

Oh. You don't have to be gay to have that risk, I sa…