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Up In The Air

I took this picture using my phone when I was flying to Houston, Texas during the first weekend of October. It was a small plane with three-seat columns, one on one side and two on the other. The plane flew low and I could see the distant landscapes below me and there was this tug of war between the light and dark over the horizon as we went back one hour in time.

I could see the moon clearly from my window and the setting sun on the other side. The clouds were above us and the land below. We were in the middle of everything and I thought, this is why I love flying. It gives you a perspective of the world that you cannot see when you're a part of it.

It makes everything small and it gives me a separate peace from all the mess below. My mind feels less cluttered, as if nothing can weigh me down and nothing really matters. There's a great distance between me and my life below, as if when I'm in flight I do not participate in my life. It's a pause, a way to see things fr…


It's one of those days when I'm drawing blank. When a weekend has passed and a blank page remains a blank page. It's frustrating to be unproductive; when ideas aren't forthcoming. I know what it is--my mind is distracted. And until I remove those distractions, I can't move on.