I'll Be

This much I know about myself.  I’ll never be able to get around the kitchen without a recipe book.  The most that I can cook is rice and anything fried.  Even frying something gives the possibility of getting it burnt (well done, to be nice about it.)  I’ll never have the aesthetic and the capability to keep a house looking clean, interior-designed and decorated.  On that note, I know I can never maintain a house clean for more than a week.  Things will be messy before the week ends.  I’ll never be able to iron clothes properly. They always come out like they’ve never been ironed at all.  I’ll never be able to do my own laundry.  I’ve tried before but it’s exhausting and back-breaking.  I’d rather wash the dishes.  It’s probably the only thing I can do around the house.  Aside from fixing defective light bulbs or leaky faucets.  I have two left feet when it comes to household chores.  I’ll never have the patience to shop for clothes.  It will always irritate me.  And I’ll never care much about clothes and style.  I’ll always be a decade behind when it comes to dressing up.  When everyone’s wearing the latest 2009 fall collection, I’m still in year 1999.  I have a lot of black clothes because it saves me from thinking what to wear.  I usually have my head shaved because I hate fixing myself.  I’ll never be fashionable, always wearing all the wrong things. 
But if you want to shop for clothes, I can patiently wait for you while you try out everything.  I wouldn’t mind.  I wouldn’t even mind paying for them.  I also wouldn’t mind if you prefer staying at home while I work for a living.  I prefer that.  I can take care of you when you’re sick, giving you medicines every four hours or so without fail, checking your temperature round the clock until you get better.  I will always let you sleep first because I want to know you’re sleeping soundly and comfortably already.  I will always check that the doors are lock, the ref is closed properly, nothing is leaking, and you’re breathing properly before I turn out the lights and sleep.  If you make the slightest of sound while you’re asleep, I’ll be up and awake to check on you.  I’ll feel better when I’m walking on the outer side of the street and you’re on the inner side.  I can take you or pick you up wherever you are.  I can be with you wherever you need be.  I’m more comfortable in the driver’s seat than in the passenger’s seat.  And when you feel harmed or compromised, I’ll be there sleep or no sleep.  Wait for you for hours to finish whatever it is you’re doing.  I’ll always arrive earlier than you because I like taking care of things.  I’ll never be able to run a household.  I know that much about myself.  But I can keep you safe.

Previously posted last 20 September 2009 in my Tabulas blog. =)


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