All I've Ever Wanted

The world is in chaos down below.  Too many buildings rising, too many cars passing by, too many people walking.  The humidity almost makes me want to add a bimpo as a fashion accessory.  I had conditioned myself before to expect that it would be crowded, but it's more crowded than I imagined it would be.  A couple of days ago, I met up with a high school friend and she asked me, "For good na ba ang uwi mo?"  And I said, "For better or worse."  Till death do you part?  Well, that's the goal.

I've long wanted to have this kind of life.  A life shared with someone, dealing with the minutiae of everyday living.  I like the solitude of it, the settledness that comes in being with someone who, even without the ceremonial vows, is willing to take the whole journey with you.  There is nothing extraordinary or special about it from the outside looking in.  There have been thousands of love stories told for hundreds of years.  But it is extraordinary from the inside because it is personal.  It's not something read or written but experienced.  Lovers love sleeping and waking up with the one they love beside them.  The idea is lovely, but the sensation of being there is beyond words.

Some people's end goal is to find someone.  Just as fairy tales end with the (happily) ever after.  But that's just the beginning.  And building and nurturing and making the ever after last forever after, well that's what I'm aiming for.


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