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It's been a month of hotels and rented cars, packing a house and then an entire office. It's the last day for more than half in the office, almost every cubicle and corner have been packed and boxed.  Some have flown out already, while others have gone out, back into their homes without the prospect of a new job.  There were last emails and last suppers for officemates who have known each other for years, ending with the always-broken promise to keep in touch.  I was still in my office, which is almost boxed up except for my desktop computer.  My boss unexpectedly walked in and said, I just realized you've been moving around for the last six months.

We were the last ones in the office and we will be the last one to remain.  Everyone's flying out tomorrow at the latest; I'm taking the last flight on Friday.  The servers and computers and everything else are expected to arrive on Saturday afternoon and we have the rest of the weekend to get everything running for next week in a new state, in a new office.  That means getting the servers up, the computers connected, the firewalls and the routers and the gateways in place.  That means enforcing office policies so that no one can access Facebook but me.

A brief moment of adjustment, of establishing residence and roots in a new place, and then the humdrum resumes. It made me consider what's next.  All the moving around this year, from one country to another, from one state to another, seems to imply a life in motion, rolling, just rolling haphazardly to well-trodden paths.

Although I'm itching to roll out of it, even for a moment, to do something out of the ordinary again just to shake me from sleep.  I want to do something just because I can, something so pointless that it becomes the point for doing it.  The whole eat-pray-love, although I know, financially, I can never pull that off. A whole year of slithering across the world with food in mouth, clasped hands and legs open, I'll end up filing for bankruptcy.

It's such an expensive enterprise to search for the meaning of life, especially when its meaning can be found in the pages of a dictionary.  I actually did that, simply because I wondered whether anyone has attempted to look for it in the dictionary before looking for it all over the world.  The dictionary listed twenty meanings, the first one being the most obvious: the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body.

Of course.

It made me wonder.  It is true.  It doesn't really matter where you are or how you roll; the best thing about being alive is that you're alive to enjoy it.


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